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We are a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) registered in 6 countries
(France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland)

Direct Connections. Seamless Integration. Cloud-Based Services.

Unique CPAAS (Communication Platform as a Service) player, Atlas Communications offers advantages that set us apart :

Direct Connections to Mobile Operators
Direct Connections
to Mobile Operators

With our MVNO status and direct voice and SMS connections, we eliminate intermediaries, allowing businesses to work directly with the operator and at the best price. . Experience enhanced reliability, faster message delivery, and greater control over your communication processes.

Robust Voice and SMS APIs
Robust Voice
and SMS APIs

We’ve built strong and scalable APIs for seamless integration with your mobile applications, web services, and more. Leverage our APIs to effortlessly send and receive messages, integrate voice functionalities, and streamline communication with customers.

Cloud-Based Services with Virtual Phone Numbers
Cloud-Based Services
with Virtual Phone Numbers

Our cloud-based services feature mobile, landline, and shortcode numbers. Establish a local presence and automate transactional SMS through your applications. We’ll manage the delivery of your calls and SMS and calls

Discover the potential of
SMS APIs for your business

Just a few lines of code to build your SMS APIs

You can use our reliable and scalable developer REST APIs to send and receive large volumes of SMS messages across conversational SMS, customer alerts and enable authentication codes. Each message is identified by a unique random ID so that users can always check the status of a message using the given endpoint.

Deliverability insights
Deliverability insights

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your outgoing SMS messages with real-time deliverability reporting. 

Real time balance check
Real time balance check

Maintain uninterrupted communication with balance APIs to ensure you never run out of credits

GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant

All the data treated is GDPR compliant, as an operator Atlas Communications commits to be fully compliant with the regulation and data protection.

Get started in minutes
Get started in minutes

Begin your journey in just a few minutes. Our intuitive API and developer guides, allow you to swiftly move from concept to execution with ease.

Use SMS for all
your needs

SMS for schools

SMS for schools

Thanks to instant messaging capabilities, school administrators can quickly send out updates, alerts, and reminders, keeping both parents and students in the know in just a few clicks.

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SMS for hotels

SMS for hotels

Our virtual API with SMS and SMPP features is the perfect solution for hotels looking to enhance their guest experience. SMS for hotels enable real-time messaging capabilities to completely change the way your guests access amenities and areas.

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SMS for restaurant

SMS for restaurant

Delight your customers and transform their dining experience with our SMPP feature. Using SMS for restaurants, you can send timely SMS notifications to customers reminding them of their reservations or notifying them of delivery orders.

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Add Voice capabilities to enrich your SMS services

Add voice services to virtual phone numbers

You can now add a voice layer and seamlessly make and receive voice calls directly from your virtual phone number. We make sure to route the call to your voice infrastructure via SIP protocol

Call forwarding

While engaging with your customer with SMS messages, let them reach your service by dialing-in the number they have received and SMS from. We simply transfer their call to the line of your choice.

Virtual Number API FAQ

A virtual number is a phone number that is not tied to a physical SIM card or specific location.wether it is a mobile or geographical number It is used to send and receive SMS but also make and receive calls. allowing businesses to have a local presence in different regions or countries without the need for a physical office or phone line.

MVNOs are telecom operators  that don’t actually own the wireless network infrastructure belonging to the main historical operators they are directly connected to. From a regulatory perspective, MVNOs get a telecommunication license from by the National Regulatory Authority of each country they operate (such as ARCEP in France or Ofcom in the UK) to run and manage their customers’ voice and SMS services. . Traditionnally, MVNOs enable voice and SMS connections to other telecommunication providers, while Atlas Communications has developped its voice and SMS APIs for end-customers running their mobile applications and webservices, cutting the intermediaries in the chain between the end customer and the operator. 

Yes, it is entirely possible to integrate voice services into our SMS API via SIP protocol. You can also allow SMS recipients to call back the sender’s number for example with call forwarding. This feature allows the end-user to call the organization from which they received the SMS, thus increasing their engagement through two-way voice and SMS communication. 

SMS API pricing is based on the actual consumption of SMS sent. This means that customers are only charged for the SMS they actually send through the API.

No, the use of our SMS API is charged only on the basis of SMS consumed, with transparent and predictable rates for each SMS sent. We do not charge any setup fees or monthly fees for using our API. In addition, we offer free API integration to make it easy for our customers to use.