Faster communications with SMS for Education

Enable effective and instant communication among parents, teachers, and schools through our SMS solution for education

Our Certifications in the Education industry
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Engage Parents & Students

Our SMS solutions empower schools to foster better communication between teachers and parents. By keeping parents informed about their child’s progress, attendance, and upcoming school events, SMS enable active participation in their education journey. This collaboration between home and school enhances the learning experience.

Inform and Alert

Designed to provide schools the ability to send instant updates, our solution lets you share important events directly to parents and students. Whether it’s exam schedules, extracurricular activities, or urgent news, our SMS service ensures that everyone stays in the loop. In cases of emergencies or unexpected school closures, instantly alert parents and students, prioritizing safety and swift communication.

Modernize Education

We believe in harnessing technology to provide modern and efficient learning experiences. Our SMS service enables schools to implement digital resources and tools, creating interactive lessons that engage students like never before. By enhancing access to educational content and online resources, educational SMS is making learning accessible anytime, anywhere.

Communicate with your users through Atlas

Pay as you go
Pay as you go

No contracts, no commitments. Only pay for the SMS you send.

Flexible Number Options
Flexible Number Options

Send SMS using alpha, numerical, or virtual mobile numbers

Direct Connections
Direct Connections

Cut out intermediaries and work directly with a licensed operator for best rates and reliable connections.

Versatile Applications of SMS in Education

SMS for education is valuable in various scenarios

Empower Minds, One SMS at a Time

Using SMS for education offers several compelling advantages:

Pay as you go
100% Mobile Accessibility

Every parent and student possesses a mobile device capable of receiving SMS messages.

Flexible Number Options
80% User Preference

 An impressive 80% of users express a desire to receive SMS communications.

Direct Connections
Swift Read Time

On average, it takes just 3 minutes before an SMS is read after delivery, ensuring prompt engagement.

High Confirmation Response
High Confirmation Response

A remarkable 75% of users respond to confirmation SMS messages, significantly boosting their engagement levels.

Elevate Education Messaging with our SMS API

From simplified message validation and submission to efficiently managing large SMS volumes, it empowers you to execute transactional campaigns seamlessly. Trigger customer alerts and engage users through push notifications, while ensuring the highest level of security with authentication codes. 

Add Voice features on top of our SMS

Upon receiving our SMS, you have the flexibility to request either a confirmation response or a callback. This feature ensures that communication remains two-way and responsive. Additionally, take advantage of our call forwarding options to redirect calls seamlessly to a line of your choice, enhancing accessibility and connectivity for your convenience.