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Secure your business using SMS OTP

Ensure Unmatched Security and Inspire Customer Confidence In Every Interaction by sending an OTP (One time Password) code by SMS

What is SMS OTP?

It’s a unique code sent automatically from the application to the end users’ mobile number. Once the code entered by the user matches with the code sent, the user profile is authenticated.


SMS OTP simplifies the process, so it’s convenient and user-friendly, sending the SMS OTP directly from an application or website to a customer’s mobile device for instant authentication.

Use SMS authentication in different situations

Provide an additional layer of security of every step of the costumer journey :

New Account Registration
New Account

Creating a new account? Validate identity with a few clicks. SMS authentication can help verify the user’s phone number, ensuring that only authorized users can access the system.

Password Resets

Passwords can be easily forgotten or stolen. To protect a user’s account, use SMS authentication to confirm the password reset request is genuine.

Double Authentication

Sometimes, sensitive information requires extra security measures. SMS authentication builds an additional layer of bulletproof protection for the login process.

Transaction and Purchase Authentication
and Purchase Authentication

E-commerce sites and financial institutions often need to authenticate transactions to ensure they are valid. Preventing fraudulent activities instantly and verifying the user’s identity using our API with SMS authentication.

Connect to our API in seconds

Use Bulk SMS to effortlessly send OTPs to thousands of users simultaneously, ensuring fast and secure authentication with a capacity of 500 SMS’s/second.

Deliverability insights
Deliverability insights

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your outgoing SMS messages with real-time deliverability reporting.

Real time balance check
Real time balance check

Maintain uninterrupted communication with balance APIs to ensure you never run out of credits.

GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant

All the data treated is GDPR compliant, as an operator Atlas Communications commits to be fully compliant with the regulation and data protection.

Get started in minutes
Get started in minutes

Begin your journey in just a few minutes. Our intuitive API and developer guides, allow you to swiftly move from concept to execution with ease.

A more economical
SMS OTP alternative

Atlas introduces a new and less expensive alternative for authentication: self OTP. With self OTP, the user sends a code to the application. 

The benefit of self OTP is that you reduce the danger of hackers by removing any possible weaknesses that are found in the self OTP password authentication method and it is up to 5 times cheaper than regular SMS OTP

Unlock the power
of 1-way SMS

Integrate our reliable SMS reception capabilities into your application seamlessly. With our well-documented API, you can effortlessly handle incoming SMS messages, ensuring a smooth user experience.

SMS reminders
SMS reminders

Reduce no-shows, increase attendance, and boost customer engagement. With high deliverability rates and customizable options, SMS reminders are a cost-effective and efficient way to keep customers informed and engaged.

Digital Receipt
Digital Receipt

 Integrate digital receipts into your POS system and easily send them to your customers’ mobile devices via SMS. Enhance efficiency and customer experience with e-receipts.

Digital Receipt